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How to meet the highest rice grader and highest price point?

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A rice quality testing tool can help farmers to ensure the quality of their rice prior to harvest and milling and increase their crop' s profit. The Kett PQ520, a single kernel moisture tester, reveals a sample’s moisture distribution. The ideal time to harvest the rice is when that moisture distribution narrows. Farmers can also use the RN300, RN600, and TX200 testing instruments from Kett to measure the grain quality of their rice kernels, as they still need to understand their harvest quality standards to meet the highest rice grader and highest price point.

As a main source of nourishment for over half the world's population, rice is by far one of the most important commercial food crops. Its annual yield worldwide is approximately 535 million tons. Fifty countries produce rice, with China and India supporting 50% of total production. Southeast Asian countries separately support an annual production rate of 9-23 million metric tons of which they export very little. Collectively, they are termed the Rice Bowl. Over 300 million acres of Asian land is used for growing rice. Rice production is so important to Asian cultures that oftentimes the word for rice in a particular Asian language also means food itself.

rice destoner are usually fitted with steerable wheels which makes them more maneuverable on headlands. Some are fitted with hydraulic leveling.

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