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How to use for initial cleaning by paddy cleaner?

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The cleaned grain is discharged as a sieve over the bottom layer. If you change the screen surface with a larger mesh, you can also use for initial cleaning by paddy cleaner. The reciprocating vibrating screen is driven by an eccentric shaft or a self-balancing vibrator and is generally equipped with a 3-layer screen surface.

The sieve body of the plane rotary sieve is suspended by 4 groups of suspenders, and is driven by the balance wheel as a plane rotary motion. There are 2 layers of sieve surface. After changing its structure and working parameters, it can also be used to classify broken rice. The sieve body of the high-speed vibrating screen has a small-amplitude circular motion in the vertical plane under the centrifugal inertial force generated by the high-speed rotation of the balance weight on both sides thereof, and has 2 to 4 layers of screen surfaces. Used for the separation of rice dumplings, the effect is better.

Paddy hulling and whitening are two principal stages in rice milling. To carry this process and use of machinery in this field can significantly reduce waste. The research was carried out to determine role and type of huller machine and its adjustment on rice breakage. Two types of huller, rubber roller husker and Engelberge in three level of hulling for Hashemi variety were studied. Whitening process was carried out on samples in Engelberge whitener. Breakage percentage, milling yield and rice whitening degree were determined. The result showed that breakage percentage was affected by type of huller machine but hulling percentage had no significant effect on breakage amount.

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