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how does rice go through rice polisher?

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One step inside the mill reveals a repository of the senses, and the sweet aroma of Two Brooks’ unique Missimati fragrant rice is unmistakable. The building is immaculately clean and ordered; a testament to Two Brooks’ extreme high-quality grain. Rice comes in from the elevator (200' away) and goes through a sheller, rice polisher and color sorter. (In case of a bug bite, the color sorter eliminates the bad kernels.) After funneling through a length separator, the finished rice goes into bulk bags and boxes for the food industry or small bags for retail.

The polishing part is the core part of the rice polisher, which is composed of feeding screw, polishing roller, octagonal sieve drum consisting of eight slices of rice sieve, outlet pressure door and so on. Among them, the polishing roller is divided into iron roller and sand roller according to the material properties. The design speed of the roller should be higher than that of the iron roller (the speed of the iron roller is about 5m / s, the polishing pressure is higher, the average value is 0.1MPa Sandline speed of about 15m / s, polishing pressure is low, the average value of 0.02MPa).

The first stop in the mill is a holding bin. The rice is unloaded and from there it goes through a pre-cleaner, and then to a paddy husker where the rice husks are removed and discarded. Next is the paddy separator, which removes the kernels that didn’t husk from the brown rice. Rice to be made into white rice then goes through an abrasive whitener that removes the bran from off the kernel, after which it enters the polisher where the rice is brought to its natural whiteness using clean water and gently rubbing the kernels.

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