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What numerous advantages does Flotation Equipment offer?

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Must clarification is an integral part of white wine production and involves the removal of turbidity causing particles. The simplest form of must clarification is settling as it requires no specialised equipment or training and thus appeals to a large audience. Flotation Equipment, however, offers numerous other advantages when compared to settling.

In addition to improved process control, maintenance requirements with its associated labour and time costs are reduced. “The maintenance crew can be mobilised to focus on only the single larger cell in some cases and economies of scale can also be applied to parts inventories, again resulting in decreasing operational costs for the plant,” Schreiber says.

With the growing need to optimise plants, this technology will allow additional rougher or cleaning capacity to be added to an existing circuit using a single a 660 m3 cell. In this way the customer could easily increase the capacity or retention time of that particular row.

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