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Why is paddy cleaner really very effective removing straws?

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For paddy processing, it is important for a good previous straws precleaning separation before cleaning. Straws are a headhache into screens cleaner. For precleaning paddy cleaner is really very effective removing straws by  2 drums 30 and 25mm wiremesh perforation for straws and coarses and huge air suction ratio: 8.000 m3/h for 70 tph precleaning, for dust removal.

Seed flax stalks are usually considered a waste product but they can be separated into marketable fiber and shive. The fiber can be used for applications such as composites and paper. Separation of traditional long line fiber from fiber flax stalks is a rigorous and expensive process that requires the stalk to be biologically degraded (retted) before processing.

This process is not economically feasible for seed flax stalks. To evaluate the potential of several machines traditionally used to remove foreign matter from cotton in terms of their capability to remove flax fiber from chopped seed flax straw. The successful mechanical principles of several machines were then incorporated into a single machine and used to separate the fiber and shive from the straw.

rice whitener mechanism of action begins with un-hulled rice entering into the hopper. Power comes from an electric power (electro motors or diesel engines) rotating rubber roll through the transmission system with a certain ratio. When shutter is opened, un-hulled rice will go down and get into the gap between rubber roll. At that time, there is a huller process (husk peeled and separated from paddy rice). Huller processing speed can be set through the shutter, the feed adjuster and roll gap adjuster. Then rice descending through two distribution channels arranged by the distribution handle. The two channels will pass through the air suction area. In this area husk will be attracted or sucked out through the husk outlet, whilepaddy rice remains down towards the rice outlets. The speed and power of the suction blower can be adjusted by the wind adjuster handle.

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