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Paddy cleaner supplier is also applied to other grains

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paddy cleaner supplier is also applied to other grains such as corn, wheat and so on. After turning on the power supply, containing impurities after the first layer, the second floor, the third layer sieve, crushed corn cob of corn, dander, leaf, flat bread, moldy corn, pebbles, dust and other impurities from different impurity to expel, clean corn from screening machine discharging mouth.

The respondents’ revealed preferences were typical of what has been previously reported for Filipino rice consumers. Hedonic regression analyses showed that grain quality characteristics that affected price varied by income class. Some of the traits or socioeconomic factors that affected price were percent broken grains, gel consistency, and household per capita rice consumption. There is an income effect on rice price and the characteristics that affect price vary between income classes.

The rubber roller husker is screwed onto the gear box together with the feed hopper, which has a capacity of 10 kg of paddy. To start hulling the operator opens the feeder gate allowing the paddy to be fed into the centre of the accelerating disc. The disc is closed on both sides (with the exception of the point where the paddy is fed) 2 cm wide and equipped with four catchers. The huller-drum and the removable cover are made of sheet-metal. In the area where the paddy crushes against the drum, a rubber sheet is mounted. The hulled paddy and the husks leave the huller in a 2 in pipe welded to the cover. To catch the material, a simple rack is mounted to the frame.

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