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One notable exception to Thickening Equipment Manufacturer

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There is one notable exception to Thickening Equipment Manufacturer with starch continuing to thicken over time. Human breast milk thickened with starch becomes thinner rather than thicker over time. De Almeida concluded that the presence of amylase in human milk causes a partial breakdown of the starch in the thickener, resulting in a thin liquid the longer that starch is exposed to the amylase. Although gums have better stability, their use with infants is currently not recommended. The infant digestive tract is not mature enough to cope with degrading gums. Some premature infants who have ingested milk thickened with gum based products died as a result of necrotizing enterocolitis.

In addition to the oil, a grease will contain a number of additives for anti-wear, oxidation, corrosion and rust protection. The most important additive is the thickener, which acts as a kind of “soap sponge” that holds the oil in place, then allows it to bleed out to lubricate components. It’s important to make sure the thickener is the same as in the grease you have been using, or meets the requirements of the application. Different types of greases use different thickening agents, and they are not all compatible with each other.
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