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Paddy husker degerminator with special institutions

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paddy husker degerminator with special institutions, making the distance between the conical rotor and stator can be adjusted ,so as to change the stress intensity of work, to adopt to the various demand for rice flour grinding machine line. With rice peeling, rice breaking, rice degerming together, and with lower power consumption, so as to increase economic benefit of rice grinder mill plant.

Paddy hulling and whitening are two principal stages in rice milling. Breakage percentage, milling yield and rice whitening degree were determined. The result showed that breakage percentage was affected by type of huller machine but hulling percentage had no significant effect on breakage amount. Rubber roll huller could reduce breakage percentage of hashemi variety up to 2.58% (rice weight base) and %5.4 (paddy weight base).yield result showed that the type of huller machine and amount of hulling had significant effect on milling yield.

The milling yield of Hashemi variety were %66.3 and % 63.07 in rubber roll huller and Engel Berge huller, respectively. Whitening result showed that the type of huller machine and hulling percentage had significant effect on degree of rice whitening. Degree of rice whitening with Engel Berge huller was more the rubber roll huller.

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