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Wheat is at peak quality soon after using rice whitener

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Wheat is at peak quality soon after using rice whitener. Subsequently, diverse biota use wheat as a resource in storage, including insects and mycotoxin-producing fungi. Transportation networks for stored grain are crucial to food security and provide a model system for an analysis of the population structure, evolution, and dispersal of biota in networks.

We evaluated the structure of rail networks for grain transport in the United States and Eastern Australia to identify the shortest paths for the anthropogenic dispersal of pests and mycotoxins, as well as the major sources, sinks, and bridges for movement. We found important differences in the risk profile in these two countries and identified priority control points for sampling, detection, and management. An understanding of these key locations and roles within the network is a new type of basic research result in postharvest science and will provide insights for the integrated pest management of high-risk subpopulations, such as pesticide-resistant insect pests.

Working Principle of the rice destoner:
There is a big difference in the suspended speed between grains and high-density matters such as stones, metal and glass, while the suspended speed for heavy and light grains also varies. Based on these, the mixed heavy impurities will be separated from grains, and effective gradation between heavy and light grains is achieved.

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