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The backwash water pressure on the Classifying Equipment

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The effect of the backwash water pressure on the Classifying Equipment of the material is reflected in the selective barrier mechanism for the different particle size materials. During the test, the backwash water pressure varies from 0 kPa to 35 kPa, the other conditions: the ore concentration is 10%, the feed pressure is 72 kPa, the underflow pressure was 55 kPa, and the overflow pressure was 50 kPa. The test results for different backwash water pressures. When the backwash water pressure increases, the grading efficiency of each particle size tends to decrease. When the recoil water pressure is greater than 5kPa, the grading efficiency of each grain grade is rapidly reduced, which is not conducive to grading. The results showed that the appropriate backwash water pressure is beneficial to improve the efficiency of coarse particle classification. The best pressure in the test is 5kPa.

Centrifugal separation is an effective gravity concentration process for selective separation of mineral particles in the centrifugal force field. As the centrifugal dressing operation is simple, low cost, environmental protection and separation efficiency, the fluidized bed centrifugal separation technology represented by Knelson and Falcon centrifuges has been widely used in the mining field, but the problems existing in the centrifugal separation suchas intermittent ore discharge and low processing capacity.

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