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Appropriate temperature and moisture content in rubber roller husker

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To preserve the quality of rice during storage, managers need to keep it at an appropriate temperature and moisture content in rubber roller husker. For this, outside air is regularly forced through the grain mass. The decision to aerate is based on the temperature and moisture content of the grain (Mutters and Thompson 2009; Steffe et al. 1980). Managers start or stop fans manually when conditions are appropriate to dry and maintain rice at the desired temperature and moisture content. Alternatively, an aeration controller system can be used to automatically start and stop fans. Our survey shows that aeration controller systems are uncommon.

The moisture content of paddy was measured by the means of a grain moisture meter. In order to obtain the desired paddy moisture content, the samples were dried in a batch-type bed dryer at a constant air temperature of about 43 oC until the desired moisture content of the samples were obtained [10]. To determine the average size of the grain, 100 grains were randomly picked and their three axial dimensions namely, length L, width W and thickness T were measured with a caliper reading to 0.01 mm. Some shape factors such as sphericity and slenderness ratio were determined using related equations. In order to attain the desired rotational speed of the rollers, a belt and pulley mechanism was used for changing the rollers speed. For this, twelve pulleys were fabricated for varying rotational speed of the rollers. Six pulleys were used for drive shafts and six pulleys for driven shafts. 

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