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Rice destoner is used to remove the epidermis

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rice destoner is used to remove the epidermis (aleuron) on brown rice to produce white rice that is ready to be marketed or cooked. This machine uses the screw extruder system in the cylinder which has the inner surface uneven. When brown rice fed into the cylinder it will jostle and rub against the cylinder surface which causes the epidermis to be eroded.

Construction designed for rice mill machine refers to the incorporation of brown rice huller and husk separator. Brown rice huller system uses the speed difference on the rubber roll, so the construction will put on top two pieces of rubber roll just below the hopper. Husk separator using air blower system, so the construction will accommodate air flow toward a brown rice and husk are out of rubber roll. 

A dry processing technique for corn includes the stages of cleaning, conditioning, debranning, degerming and grits breaking, and germ screening and grits extracting. The debranning stage includes first stirred debranning, dampening and second stirred debranning in sequence. The dampening stage uses a dampener to add water of 0.5-5% of the corn weight to the corn, the water temperature is 10-60° C., and the stirred debranning stage is performed within 10 minutes after dampening The height of the corn is controlled within 0.5-3 m during the stirred debranning stage.

paddy separator is used to separate the rice based group quality such as whole rice (best quality) and broken rice (second quality). This machine uses a filter screen plate or cylinder shaped. Rice with some sort of quality level will be mixed again with a certain ratio to determine the selling price before the rice is packaged to be marketed.

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