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how do you navagate around and leave messages on the wall and complete profile

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I am not getting the whole list of things here seemed simple watching the training videos but now I'm lost haven't even completed my profile i need to get to the training videos and finish them
asked Jun 21, 2018 in IBO platform questions by anonymous

1 Answer

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Once you have logged in, go over to the right side where you will see SITE NAVIGATION

Edit Profile (Click the link) which is at to top by Dashboard, there you will be able to add a photo of (Yourself Recommended

As to adding messages on the wall.towards the top it says "Add a new wall entry" clcick on that which bring down a box where you can add a advert with affilite link if you want (the link is hidden for you with "Clich Here"

I have ebook on how to get the best out of IBO I'm willing to let you have just go to Associate Request along to top on dashboard two people image
answered Jun 22, 2018 by gray48 IBO Master (6,590 points)

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