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How to choose the right flotation device

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To employ Flotation Equipment with large-volume cells is more efficient in the high-performance concentrators. By practical data, the use of large-volume impeller cells allows energy saving of 30

The flotation time, set to gain the prescribed parameters, always increases with a pulp flow reduction or increase in the time of the pulp presence in large-volume cells. The above regularity is governed by the variable mass-transfer character. Its influence on theefficiency of different-type-size flotation machines is proposed to take into account qualitatively by correcting the flotation time.

Therefore, a flotation machine size is usually selected based on the economic factors of mineral processing.

The mixing characteristics of large-size industrial flotation equipment, consisting of banks of mechanical cells and pneumatic columns, has been observed using non-invasive experimental techniques, such as a radioactive tracer to measure the residence time distribution of the liquid and solid. The classical tanks-in-series model showed a good fitting to describe the operation of industrial banks with a different number of flotation cells in series. On the other hand, results for large-size pneumatic flotation columns were also close to well-mixed and can be well represented using a simple model of one large mixer in series with two small mixers plus a dead time, which can be related to the physical phenomena occurring inside a flotation column. The column mixing model is shown to compare well with tracer data from a variety of column designs from different industrial operations. A comparison with the axial dispersion model considering a closed–closed boundary conditions is presented.

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