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Any ideas on how to promote my business links on twitter?

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asked Sep 27 in Internet Marketing Tools by Anthuwin

2 Answers

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Hello Anthuwin,

One of the most effective ways I would recommend to grow Twitter Followers is to check out The TPTwitterStrategy, created by IBO member Terri Pattio.  I use the Strategy and it worked for me even though I wasn't consistent.  I was able to grow my Followers from 656 to over 2,000 in a matter of six weeks.  And these are not just any followers but people who are likeminded and even Influencers.  Here is a link to Terri's IBO Social Profile.
answered Sep 28 by RRobinson IBO Guru (1,400 points)
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I have a free course called Twitter 1.0 that will get you going in the right direction
It is well worth your time to take the course.

Chris Shouse

answered Oct 6 by Chris Shouse IBO Specialist (43,260 points)

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