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How to Make Your Flotation Equipment Run for a Long Time

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The Flotation Equipment is mainly used for the flotation operation of ore, which plays a supporting role, and the flotation equipment is also mechanical. Machinery requires daily inspection and maintenance to ensure the safety of machinery.

Maintenance of flotation equipment:

1. Flotation equipment has the same working capacity and duty cycle as other machines. Determine the proper operation of maintaining and maintaining all major components. All working parts should be inspected carefully within 3-4 months and inspected in new flotation equipment. Always check during the first few months of work;

2. Only qualified personnel can perform the inspection.

three. In order to replace consumables in time and reduce downtime, a complete set of consumables must be stored in the warehouse. The date of use and the amount of reserves of consumables are determined one by one.

4. The operator of the flotation equipment must be assured of certain technical guidance or training and strive to be fully familiar with the machine.

5. In order to avoid mixing dirt and useless substances in the oil, a filter should be installed when refueling, and the oil cover should be sealed when the flotation equipment is working.

The following faults may occur in the flotation unit. The reason for the blockage of the tailings pipe is that the ore size in the slurry is too large, or the ore supply suddenly increases, the tailings valve opens, and the column contains other debris. Less foam is due to too little air or problems with the drug system. Unexpected parking is caused by a sudden power outage or damage to the line and components. The tailings pipe valve should be fully opened and closed, so that the mud in the tower is quickly discharged, and the air pipe is rinsed with clean water. Clean it up.

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