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Main Functions of SF Flotation Equipment

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Since the advent of flotation equipment, it has been about 100 years old. In the past 100 years, many different types of flotation equipment have appeared. With the advancement of technology, flotation equipment has been continuously developed and improved, and the large-scale and automatic control of Flotation Equipment has been realized. The golden machinery takes you to understand the development of SF flotation equipment.

There are many types of mining flotation equipment. According to the presence or absence of agitation, it can be divided into a mechanical agitation flotation machine and a non-mechanical agitation flotation machine. According to the suction mode, the mechanical agitation flotation machine is divided into a self-priming flotation device and an emphysema type. TiC flotation device.

Self-priming mechanical flotation machines, the common types of such flotation machines are XJQ type, SF type, JQ type and annular flotation machine. The flotation machine realizes the stirring and suction function by the rotation of the impeller, and realizes the self-flow backflow when the middle mine returns. Easy to configure and use without the need for a dedicated expander and foam pump.

The SF flotation machine has a large amount of inhalation and low energy consumption. This is a forward-looking tank with a relatively new structure. Each tank has three suction, suction and float functions. The slurry in the tank is carried out in a fixed flow. The up and down circulation is beneficial to the suspension of coarse-grained minerals; the double-blade water wheel, the impeller has upper and lower blades inclined backwards, the upper blade produces a slurry circulation, and the lower blade produces a slurry sub-circulation, which can make the coarse sand settle, with a diversion tube and a false bottom. Device. SF flotation machines are commonly used in the separation of non-ferrous metals, ferrous metals, non-metallic minerals and chemical raw materials.

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