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How to Maintain Mineral Classifying Equipment

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The classifying equipment is a continuous working device that utilizes the vibrational properties of the device to cause the material to be thrown up and throw out of the layer to effect separation. During the work, the screen will withstand the huge impact and friction from the ore material, which is very harmful to the sieve. Therefore, the maintenance of mine Classifying Equipment is very important. Golden Machinery offers the following repair methods.

The use of sorting equipment can improve the recycling rate of various ores. In order to save energy and resources, and to more effectively unlock more enriched ore, low concentrations of waste rock and ore are separated from the process at an early stage. By using ore sorting equipment, concentrates can be produced at very low cost in very small or remote mining facilities. The entire production line can be planned in a semi-motorized form, including crushers, screens, belts and sorters. Due to the disposal of waste rock on site, transportation costs can be greatly reduced. In addition, due to the considerable ore content, concentrates can be used to obtain higher prices.

Correct maintenance method for classifying equipment

Preliminary work: Before the installation of mine vibration equipment, the mineral processing technicians should do a good job in equipment inspection. When installing, do the rust prevention work of the screening equipment, and install it strictly according to the instructions during the installation process.

Post-maintenance: During the operation of the classifying equipment, select the appropriate dry running time for vibrating screen inspection to determine whether the aerodynamic conditions, noise, amplitude, etc. meet the standard; ensure that the screen box does not produce yaw during operation. Ensure that the bearing temperature is suitable, the lubrication is good, no loose parts; check the equipment for no operation failure before the equipment is accepted.

Equipment users should pay attention to regular inspections and routine maintenance of classifying equipment, such as screen maintenance and three-day inspection.

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