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Factors Affecting the Efficiency of Flotation Equipment

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Flotation Equipment mainly includes flotation machines and auxiliary equipment (stirring tanks, applicators, etc.). In general, flotation equipment is mostly standard equipment, and flotation auxiliary equipment is mostly non-standard equipment. The performance of flotation equipment is an important factor affecting the flotation process indicators. How to improve flotation equipment? Golden Machinery gives you some methods.

The slurry enters the impeller from the feed pipe, and the centrifugal force generated by the rotation of the impeller is thrown into the groove cover to generate a negative pressure, and the air intake pipe is automatically taken. The inhaled air is mixed with the feed slurry and thrown into the water tank at the upper part of the impeller, so that a negative pressure is generated and the air is sucked in continuously. The prepared slurry, floating minerals are carried by bubbles to the surface to form a mineralized foam layer, which is scraped off by a scraper to obtain a concentrate; non-floating minerals and coal gangue enter the intermediate chamber through the grooves and the doors on the side walls of the F. Go to the next flotation slot.

Good ventilation: The flotation machine must ensure that a sufficient amount of air is drawn into the mud to regulate the air intake. According to the amount of pulp, the degree of wear of the impeller and the cover plate, the amount of mineral entering the impeller is adjusted to adjust the amount of intake air. A large number of appropriately sized bubbles are produced and dispersed as much as possible throughout the can. The finer the air dispersion, the more uniform the bubble distribution. The more opportunities the ore particles are in contact with the bubbles, the better the processing performance of the flotation machine. The more effective the flotation, the better the flotation effect.

Recovery losses in the flotation circuit should be considered as lost opportunities. Analysis of Mineral Release Data Develop a simulation model of the flotation loop to identify opportunities to improve the performance of the flotation loop. The mechanism is designed to create a powerful radial slurry valve wall pump and the bottom of the impeller provides a powerful reflow reduction for sanding. In addition, it is the only mechanism capable of circulating the largest slurry in the upper part of the impeller.

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