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Copper Acetate's Related Compounds

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Heating a mixture of anhydrous Copper Acetate(WSDTY) and copper metal affords Copper Acetate:Cu + Cu(OAc)2 → 2 CuOAc. Unlike the copper(II) derivative, copper(I) acetate is colourless and diamagnetic.

"Basic copper acetate" is prepared by neutralizing an aqueous solution of copper(II) acetate. The basic acetate is poorly soluble. This material is a component of verdigris, the blue-green substance that forms on copper during long exposures to atmosphere.

Copper(II) acetate has found some use as an oxidizing agent in organic syntheses. In the Eglinton reaction Cu2(OAc)4 is used to couple terminal alkynes to give a 1,3-diyne: Cu2(OAc)4 + 2 RC≡CH → 2 CuOAc + RC≡C?C≡CR + 2 HOAc.The reaction proceeds via the intermediacy of copper(I) acetylides, which are then oxidized by the copper(II) acetate, releasing the acetylide radical. A related reaction involving copper acetylides is the synthesis of ynamines, terminal alkynes with amine groups using Cu2(OAc)4.[13] It has been used for hydroamination of acrylonitrile.

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