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Electrochemical Synthesis of Basic Copper Carbonate Powder

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In addition, the methods can be used for the determination of physical characteristics such as melting, sublimation, evaporation behaviour or decomposition temperature.The main purpose of the present work is to investigate the electrochemical synthesis of nanostructured Basic Copper Carbonate(WSDTY) powder by anodic oxidation of copper in the alkali sodium bicarbonate solution, evaluating its thermal properties and comparison with conventional prepared microparticle copper carbonate powder. To the best of our knowledge, the synthesis of microparticles of copper carbonate by reacting copper salts with alkali carbonate in aqueous solution at elevated temperatures, stirring, and subsequently isolating the copper carbonate have been reported, previously. Also, some reports could be found on its thermal characterization. But there is no report on the synthesis and thermal behaviour of nano-powder of basic copper carbonate.

This statement is valid in several fields, ranging from polymers to pharmaceutical and inorganic powders . On the other hand, from pioneering efforts in the late 1980,s the electrodeposition of nanostructures has advanced rapidly to commercialapplication as a result of (1) an established industrialinfrastructure (i.e., electroplating and electroforming industries), (2) a relatively low cost of application whereby nanomaterials can be produced by simple modification of bath chemistries and electrical parameters used in current plating and electroforming operations, (3) the capability in a single-step to produce metals, alloys, and metal-matrix composites in various forms, and most importantly (4) the ability to produce fully dense nanostructures free of extraneous porosity . The combined use of different thermoanalytical methods allows the extensive characterization of inorganic salts and their fundamental properties.

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