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Inorganic Compound of Basic Copper Carbonate

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Basic Copper Carbonate(WSDTY) usually refers to the inorganic compound with chemical formula Cu2CO3(OH)2 (Often erroneously written CuCO3), the most common carbonate of copper, and analogous to the mineral malachite. Though more correctly called basic copper carbonate, the compound CuCO3 is rarely if ever discussed, much less encountered. It is a pale green to blue-green powder when dry, though basic samples are light blue. It is a stable compound which is insoluble in water and readily decomposes upon heating.

Physical:Copper(II) carbonate is a powdery blue-green compound that is insoluble in water. Its color can be different shades of blue or green depending on the purity and the presence of other basic copper carbonates, which are usually present in any technical grade samples.

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