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The Absorption Spectra of Chromium(II) Acetate and Copper Acetate

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The electronic absorption spectra of Copper Acetate(WSDTY) have been determined in ethanol and Nujol mull in the region between 10 and 40 kK. Dichroism in that region has also been determined with a single crystal of the compound. A new absorption band, which has not previously been observed, has been found at about 30.77 kK. (log╬Á 2.22), in addition to a band at about 20.58 kK.

The origins of these bands have been discussed in relation to the absorption bands of copper (II) acetate.The absorption and circular dichroism (CD) spectra of twelve optically active chromium (III) complexes containing three bidentate ligands have been measured in the near-infrared to ultraviolet region. CD spectra in the spin-forbidden d-d absorption band region have been considered mainly in relation to the CD bands in the first spin-allowed d-d absorption band region. It has been concluded that the absolute configurations of chromium (III) complexes can be determined on the basis of the signs of the CD bands in the spin-forbidden band region. The splitting components of the CD bands in the spin-forbidden band region have been discussed considering the crystal field treatment by Macfarlane.

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