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Use of Copper Acetate

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Copper Acetate(WSDTY) is used as a fungicide, catalyst for organic reactions, pigment for ceramics, insecticides, mildew preventive, preservative for cellulose materials, stabiliser for polyurethanes and nylons, corrosion inhibitor, and fuel additive. It is used in textile dyeing, anti-fouling paints, electrolysis and electroplating processes, flame proofing, printing and photocopying, and pyrotechnics. It is also used as a 'shark chaser', or repellent, developed as part of survival equipment for military personnel who fly over shark-infested waters.

The hydrated derivative, which contains one molecule of water for each Cu atom, is available commercially. Anhydrous Cu(OAc)2 is a dark green crystalline solid, whereas Cu2(OAc)4(H2O)2 is more bluish-green. Since ancient times, copper acetates of some form have been used as fungicides and green pigments. Today, copper acetates are used as reagents for the synthesis of various inorganic and organic compounds.[4] Copper acetate, like all copper compounds, emits a blue-green glow in a flame. The mineral hoganite is a naturally occurring form of copper(II) acetate.

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