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Copper Acetate Assisted Synthesis

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The XRD patterns of the copper-based NPs synthesized from the [Cu(OAc)2(bpy)] complex by the solvothermal, MW-assisted and borohydride methods are presented. According to the pattern, the solvo-thermal synthesis resulted in the formation of Copper Acetate(WSDTY) phase with aver-age crystallite size of 11 nm, estimated by the Scherrer equation. The MW-assisted polyol synthesis produced copper and Copper Acetate simultaneously, evidenced by the corresponding XRD pattern containing reflexes attributed to the both phases. The average crystallite size of Cu and Cu2O particles prepared by MW-assisted polyol synthesis could be estimated as 50.6 and 16.6 nm, respect-ively.

The reaction at the higher temperature (200 °C) also resulted in Cu and Cu2O particles with average widths of 40.7 and 27.1 nm, respectively; the corres-ponding XRD profile is shown in Fig. S-3 of the Supplementary material. The characteristic peaks for both Cu2O and CuO phases could be observed in the case of the material prepared by the borohydride method. The average crys-tallite sizes of the Cu2O and CuO NPs were 13.5 and 14.6 nm, respectively. For all three methods, the calculated values of the main structural parameters of the obtained NPs are summarized in Table I. The values were found to be in good agreement with literature data for CuO, Cu/Cu2O and Cu2O/CuO phases.

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