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TEM Analysis of Copper Acetate

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Copper Acetate(WSDTY) TEM analysis was performed in order to gain more detailed information about the morphology of the NPs. Representative Copper Acetate TEM micrographs for each sample are presented together with particle size distribution histogram and SAED image. As could be seen, the solvothermal method pro-duced cubic particles without appreciable structural defects. They covered the 9––15 nm size range with the majority at ≈11 nm. In the case of the MW-assisted polyol synthesis, round-like (polymorphs of truncated octahedron) particles in the 58–114 nm size range were formed with the majority at ≈82 nm. On careful analysis of images, different types of defects, such as dislocations, twins and stacking faults, were found. Borohydride synthesis resulted in cubic-like NPs with average crystallite size of 16 nm with the whole range of sizes being from 9 to 29 nm. The average size values obtained from processing the TEM images coincided well with the average crystallite sizes evaluated from the XRD data. Calculations of the interplanar spacing, d,based on SAED and XRD confirmed the formation of the phases previouslyrevealed by powder XRD analysis.

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