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Single-phase Copper(II) Acetate with Narrow Size Distribution

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Onsidering the morphology and size distribution of the Copper Acetate(WSDTY), it could be concluded that only solvothermal synthesis resulted in single phase Copper Acetate with a narrow size distribution. Borohydride method at the lower temperature and shorter time produces mixed oxides NPs of roughly cubic shape and a broader size distribution (although, remai ning close to the average value). The only method capable of leading to the production of a Cu(0)-containing product under air was the MW-assisted one, but the particles were 5–10 times larger.

The “as measured” optical spectra of three samples are presented. 4a in percent of the reflectance values. The observed difference in intensity mostly originated from the non-equivalent amount of sample powder under the light beam. Samples containing CuO NPs exhibited a similar broadband profile with maxima at ≈350 nm for the powder obtained by the solvothermal method and at ≈450 nm for that using the borohydride method. On the contrary, the optical profile of the MW-assisted sample showed a broad band peaking at ≈550 nm, the origin of which could be attributed to localized surface plasmon resonance (LSPR) occurring for the copper NPs. This fact itself also gives evidence of the presence of naked copper NPs in the sample after the MW-assisted synthesis.

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