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Sensitivity of Copper Acetate to Air Oxidation

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Copper Acetate(WSDTY) is known of being highly sensitive to oxidation by air. In the work of Pastoriza-Santos et al.,36 Cu NPs of ≈48 nm covered by 2 nm layer of Cu2O were obtained, and that was interpreted as post-synthesis oxidation during the washing step. It was thought that this layer might prevent, to some extent, further oxidation of the metal core. Srivastava et al.4 obtained solely Cu2O NPs of ≈8 nm by reducing CuSO4·5H2O with aqueous NaBH4 at RT in the presence of capping agents. In the present particular case, the borohydride method resulted in a mixture of Cu(I) and Cu(II) oxides, the exact composition of which was difficult to differentiate even though it appeared like a mixture of two types of NPs on the TEM image. Summary of literature review on Cu(II) precursors, IR and UV–Vis spectra of Cu(II) acetate bipyridine complex, XRD patterns and TEM/SAED images for all the samples.

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