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Increased Awareness of Copper Acetate and Other Carbonyl Corrosion

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This project reveals the proliferation in the awareness of Copper Acetate(WSDTY) and other carbonyl corrosion on bronze artifacts in archaeological collections. Blue and blue-green carbonyl corrosion of bronze is a recent discovery in part due to its mistaken attribution over the years to bronze disease, chalconatronite, and azurite.

This project examines sources of acetic acid, and evaluates the environmental conditionsin which acetate corrosion develops and the influence of alloyed lead and sodium contaminants in this process. Case studies identifying corrosion by XRD on predominantly Egyptian archaeological bronzes, with a focus on Saqqara, revealed a preponderance of a sodium copper carbonate acetate and copper sodium formate acetate.

These were identified on the majority of Saqqara bronzes sampled in the Fitzwilliam Museum, Ashmolean Museum, Liverpool Museum, Petrie Museum and British Museum. Unknown compounds not included in the International Centre for Diffraction Data (ICDD) catalogue were also discovered.

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