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Copper Acetate Effect the Out Come Much if Any?

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If you are referring to the Iron Chloride solution you made by dissolving Iron metal in Hydrochloric acid (and thus turning it a yellow color), that is not Copper Acetate(WSDTY), it is actually Copper Acetate. [not that it mattered, just for your personal enjoyment] What you might be able to do is somehow bleach the color out of the HCl toilet bowl cleaner so that it is initially colorless. Although I do not know what you could use to oxidize the color away with...the two obvious choices which pop into my head (Sodium Hypochlorite [AKA "bleach"] and KMnO4) would not work well since they would oxidize the Chloride ions from the HCl to release Chlorine gas....something you will want to avoid. But you might be able to see a color change from dissolving the (what I think to be) Copper salt in the HCl. If nothing else, you could at least tell if the solid dissolved or not.

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asked May 17 in Business Opportunity by weishida (600 points)

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