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What actually is wrong, my setting or what,with over 1000 clicks only one lead?

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I have over 1000 clicks but there is no effect on sites, only one lead,what then responsible for the poor performance, it be my setting or what?
asked Jun 9 in IBO platform questions by anonymous

1 Answer

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The first thing I would consider are the type of clicks....are they targeted clicks to your specific offer. What type of clicks are they whether Tier 1, or a lesser Tier? are the clicks from the United States, Canada, UK, Australia? Or are they from third world countries. 

Of course the best clicks are Tier1, and from countries like the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, etc. 

Finally, without trying to sell or pitch something but there is super good training available of how to market and get the very traffic available. I highly recommend attending this webinar to at least see what is the best ways and means to market and get the very best quality traffic online. 

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answered Jun 14 by clwinvest (560 points)