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Reduction of Basic Copper Carbonate Using Carbon

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If a Basic Copper Carbonate (WSDTY) is heated with carbon, a chemical reaction takes place. Initially the copper carbonate thermally decomposes into copper oxide. Then the carbon reacts with the copper oxide liberating pure metal in a type of displacement reaction.

The metal carbonate is reduced (loses oxygen) as the carbon is oxidised (gains oxygen). The gaseous product can be flushed through lime water, turning it cloudy, proving that it is carbon dioxide. This is a chemical reaction since new products have been formed.

When completing this experiment it is worth noting that as the metal carbonate and carbon mixture is initially heated, it takes time before the carbonate decomposes. Therefore the first bubbles collected under displacement are just air from the apparatus. Also, when clearing up the experiment, it is important to remove the delivery tube from the water trough before the Bunsen burner is removed, otherwise suck back of the water will occur, which often causes thermal shock in the glassware.

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