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Do you prefer MLM, affiliate programs, PLR or some other income producing program over the other and why?

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asked Oct 13, 2016 in Business Opportunity by WhitneyJaqueline IBO Specialist (31,010 points)

10 Answers

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I love MLM for building a team of people you want to work with.  It also provides residual income.  Work really hard for 2-5 years and you can be set for life. Especially if you have a great company!

Affiliate Marketing is second but it is a one time pay-out and on to another thing to try and sell.  It can however be rewarding.
answered Oct 13, 2016 by Chris Shouse IBO Specialist (43,930 points)
Very true Chris!
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My money maker of choice will ALWAYS be creating my own product and selling it LOL. Followed by ghostwriting/contract writing. But if I had to rank them, it would be as follows:

PLRs--once I have torn them down and rebuilt them into something worthy of my consideration ;-).

Affiliate programs--no autoship commitments, no muss or fuss.

MLM--something I rarely do, and when I do I tend to concentrate more on direct sales than down line building, to the endless frustration of my up lines LOL.

answered Oct 14, 2016 by fortunesfavorite IBO Guru (1,480 points)
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I prefer affiliate programs -

  • Google AdSense
  • Amazon Associates. ...
  • Commission Junction. ...
  • Clickbank. ...
  • LinkShare. ...
  • ShareASale.
answered Oct 17, 2016 by ebest IBO Specialist (82,640 points)
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I think affiliate at the moments are the safest thing for me now as I have far more experience in this field.
answered Oct 21, 2016 by garywelsh IBO Specialist (72,640 points)
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I prefer affiliate marketing, in my opinion,  mlm takes to long to build if the people on your team are lazy, but remember you can do whatever you want,  when you do,  whatever it takes.

What I'm really trying to say is selling someone else's product if you've done your research is a piece of cake.

Go on Clickbank,  Udemy, go on google check to see how many people are interested,  if it's hundreds of thousands you promote the product.
answered Oct 25, 2016 by RudolphAW IBO Guru (1,170 points)
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First I select a 'never ending' niche (B2B - business to business)

Second, I study the needs of a specific micro-niche (MLM-network marketing)

Third, I offer then services-products to solver their problems 

Forth , I learn how to earn too with the 90% who says NO to my primary business

Fith, I teach my customers to understand that the tools&training they purchase are another way to increase their monthly income without doing competititon with their primary business; they grow their primary business on autopilot with the tools , and use them to earn from the 90% who say NO to their primary business. 

It´s a no brainer even for newbies ! 

answered Oct 26, 2016 by attractionmarketing IBO Master (8,860 points)
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You are a brave soul for asking that question.  I like mlm, but there are those out there that hate it and will let you know they hate it and why.

Personally, I love MLM.  But in order to get me to join an MLM, you must have an easy to do system.  A system that anyone can do.  Not everyone can do the "3 foot rule" or "FORM" everyone they meet.  They can't do cold calling to mlm lead list.  They can't afford $10 Phone Surveyed Leads.

This is why MLM has a bad rep.  The scam artist out there tell you it is so easy...join me and I will build your downline for you.  For a small fee ($199 - $1200) I have a system that I will sell you to teach you how I built the careful who you listen to.  It starts with a small amount and before you know it you are paying $10,000 for a weekend summit.

My question to these people are if your mlm is so good, why are you not teaching "secrets" to me since I am in your downline and I can be rich just like you.

Sometimes it is more profitable to sell the picks and shovels instead of work the mlm.  Just ask all the people that lost their but in the gold rush of 1949...some got rich but most lost money.   Except the ones who sold the picks and shovels...the ones who sold food, clothing, the bars, the red light district...all of these did well.

Stick to a program that has a system or sell picks and shovels to other mlm'ers or find a mlm program that is the picks and shovels.

Anyway, a system...I know I keep coming back to that...if you have a system that almost anyone can takes "YOU" out of the equation and if you stick to it long enough you will see success.

OK, I am climbing off of my soapbox and the answer to your question is...MLM.
answered Feb 10, 2017 by moneymax IBO Guru (1,020 points)
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Affiliate marketing have always done the trick for me
answered Feb 19, 2017 by garywelsh IBO Specialist (72,640 points)
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PLR have done it for me along with a little affiliate marketing
answered Feb 19, 2017 by babyface IBO Master (6,720 points)
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After several years of trial and error, mostly error, I combined different platforms to create my dream team business.  I use as my long term residual income plan.  I uses MLM Recruit on demand as the feeder program that pays me $15.00 9instant cash) + easyleads & cash for each signup. 

I use MLM.leads to call my leads in MLM Recruit on demand and get more leads from MLM Leads plus endless leads from MLM Recruit on Demand..  

I often promote affiliate programs that offer automation ools  for list building, content curation and advertising, lead generation from social media.   I am really leary of MLM programs that require a monthly cost of $200-$300 a month, can't do it .  I'm working toward a 30k/month income stream 

answered Apr 4, 2018 by vginasands IBO Guru (1,440 points)

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