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What is a Responsive Email List?

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asked Oct 14, 2016 in Marketing Lists by espeas2001 IBO Specialist (15,370 points)

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A responsive email list can be define as  list in which you send an offer to and in return you receive signup, optin or sales for your efforts. Currently their are several mailing list out there that I have used where I will spend the whole day clicking for credits, to post my advertisement and at the end of that day all I have received was wasted clicks and no sign up or sales.

I can will then on the other wait for time to send an ads on this website LAS and at the end of  24hrs I always pick up at least one sale and sometimes signup if the offer that a posting there has a option for signup

answered Oct 15, 2016 by garywelsh IBO Specialist (72,640 points)
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Plain and simple - a responsive email list is a list of people that open and read the emails you send them.

First of all, you must make sure that they opt in to your list - in other words give you permission to send them emails.  To get your list to be responsive, you need to offer value first and foremost; not always selling to your list.  A responsive email list is an incredibly powerful tool for marketing your business and can also be used in a range of other ways to build trust.  If you do it correctly, you will end up with a responsive list that will end up knowing, liking and trusting you that will no doubt turn into income for you.

For more training on building a responsive email list, visit

answered Oct 15, 2016 by marketwithkris IBO Specialist (44,350 points)
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A responsive e-mail list is one that doesn't just gain a response here and there but instead consistently. You can buy a solo ad in any safelist and maybe get a response, but a responsive list is one you build of those responses that converts like clockwork when you promote products of value to it.

Response rate for a generic list built off free traffic through exchanges is between 1 and 4% industry wide, one built of people in that top 1-4% converts closer to 30%, so look for sellers with confirmed buyer list to promote with I use UDMI top sellers because of the bold claim of Guaranteed Sales and over delivery that is evidenced in the buyer feedback.

answered Oct 15, 2016 by YumaBloggers IBO Specialist (12,430 points)
To tell you how responsive looks like my own personal list has 5 opens for every ten subscribers when I mail and 1-3 leads or sales per 100 clicks.
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A healthy email list is a responsive email list.

It is one thing to have an email list and another to have a responsive email list. The difference between the two however is that a responsive email list is one that brings in the needed results.

For example, if you have 10.000 email addresses on your list and having sent out a newsletter informing your subscribers of a promo, about 6.000 subscribers responded by either buying the product or even asking questions, then your list is responsive.

Email list is an important tool for marketing and must be treated as a valuable investment. Annoying subscribers with spam and unsolicited messages is one sure way to make your email list non-responsive, as users gradually becomes uninterested in opening your new messages.

The best way to build a healthy list is to make sure you’re always asking permission before adding someone to your list.

answered Oct 16, 2016 by ebest IBO Specialist (83,860 points)
Very well said Anne. Thanks for sharing this response with us. Having a list of tire kicker only who view but do not take action to me it not considered responsive.  A great example of this could be a safelist email list verse a soloads provider email list. In both list people will open click and open the email however, the probability of getting sales/subscribers is greater from the soloads provider only. If this is not the reason why we do email marketing, what is? One of the thing that annoys me when I am doing real time tracking test is to send out an email blast to a list, see them click just for click sake, and this same email is proven and tested to convert
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A responsive email list is considered when you get higher open and click rate for the email or newsletter sent. 

You need to create an eye catching email with relevant content to get higher open and click rate. There are many Email Marketing service providers and they provide beautiful templates or you can even code your own email. They also provide you statistics such as email open rate and click rate of each campaign. You can even do A/B testing and check out which type of email are opened most.

answered Dec 4, 2017 by jimcarter2605 (890 points)

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