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What success habits top earners in MLM have in common ?

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asked Oct 15, 2016 in Mentorship/Training by quidec IBO Master (6,770 points)

2 Answers

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They feed the stallions and starve the ponies.
answered Oct 15, 2016 by PartnerWithSilas IBO Master (5,890 points)
GREAT comment  :)
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Silas reply made me laugh for sure but it is not far from the truth really. Most of these top earnings are primarily about the money. While you will have a few that care about the welfare of their followers the majority of them simply will move from programme to programme with their list of devoted subscribers and that is primarily how they remain on top in the marketplace
answered Oct 18, 2016 by garywelsh IBO Specialist (72,230 points)

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