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What are your WHYS you are still in network marketing business?

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asked Oct 16, 2016 in Business Opportunity by quidec IBO Master (6,770 points)

9 Answers

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Simple...time freedom.  I don't answer to anyone as to when and where I work.  I have the ability to be with family, make appointments, and work with some of the most awesome people!
answered Oct 16, 2016 by Cheryl Keyworth IBO Guru (1,180 points)
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Time and Financial Freedom. No boss and no commercial space to rent. The ability to work anywhere using only internet and a computer/laptop/cellphone. No limit on how much you can earn basically will be based on your effort. And the capital is much lower compared to traditional businesses.
answered Oct 17, 2016 by aldz IBO Guru (3,120 points)
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Wow, great question.

When I started in or became acquainted with MLM/NWM in 1995 I was quite fortunate to be in a company with someone who I call my first ever mentor. His name is Dale Calvert.

Dale was the lead distributor and trainer in the company. What I have always appreciated about Dale is how he trained we the distributors' on the "IMPORTANCE" of having a big why.

Most new distributors will want to learn the how to's of building a business and team first, but you will need a strong why to persevere in this industry.

As stated by others, I too came into MLM and entrepreneurship for that matter, for the opportunity to gain personal freedom/life choice, Time and Financial.

Also, the NWM industry has some of the best products.
answered Oct 19, 2016 by WillieRobertson IBO Guru (4,850 points)
Youare  quite right most sponsors they rush in signing up.I feel it is important to know the WHYS of the people you want to join your organisation.Thanks Robertson for sharing!
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I currently do not have a full-time day job and even if I did the extra cash would still do me a lot of good. I also love learning form others as if I was sit a home doing nothing then all that does it further ads to my frustration so until then I will remain  a devoted member of the network marketing community.
answered Oct 20, 2016 by garywelsh IBO Specialist (72,490 points)
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I am still in network marketing because you are able to touch and change so many other peoples lives, to help them find what they want out of life, because it works, you are valued, you are paid what you're worth and as everyone else has pointed you have control of your hours, vacation time, pay raise and you only answer to yourself. TRUE FREEDOM!
answered Nov 1, 2016 by wandalkr (780 points)
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This is a very good question. My why is to "add value to my self and through that I can add value to others".  Meaning, to be able for me to help others, I need to help myself first. That's my "Why".
answered Nov 3, 2016 by tetbarredo IBO Master (6,100 points)
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To learn new things and grow as a person.  Also to leave a legacy for my granddaughter so she will have choices in her life.
answered Jan 4, 2017 by Chris Shouse IBO Specialist (41,850 points)
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My answer may be a bit unusual, but I am tired of seeing so many people struggle financially.  MLM offers me a way to give back and to help others.  Maybe I am just lucky, but I have found something that seems to work much better than the others.
answered Jan 5, 2017 by GeorgePierce IBO Guru (2,600 points)
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My WHY used to be that I wanted something better for our family. We made that happen ourselves with a business we started at home and not on the internet. Plus the fact that we were happy with what we had and that would make you move a little slower. We deal with grumpy unhappy people all day that to me are ungrateful for the job we have given them. Always throwing a wrench in our day. Not wanting to do what they were assigned or forgetting to read the instructions on purpose. All this while raising a family and working online. So now my WHY is to never look at another ungrateful person in front of my face ever again. Also, I love to connect with awesome people. Let's do this!
answered Jan 17, 2017 by missessm IBO Guru (1,240 points)

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