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What are you strugling the most with right now to make money online?

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asked Oct 17, 2016 in Business Opportunity by espeas2001 IBO Specialist (15,380 points)
I do not like to talk on the phone.  It is a real struggle for me to pick up the phone. I can do a Skype or a Zoom not problem but I dislike the phone.
Use Facebook messenger. You can use it to call just like skype both as video or audio and you also then add people to your social media list.

3 Answers

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The things that I have found to be a challenge over  time is finding long term sustaining programmes that keeps paying without slowing down or going to scam at one point or another, over a long period of time. In other words, longevity paying programmes.
answered Oct 17, 2016 by garywelsh IBO Specialist (72,640 points)
awesome thanks for sharing Gary
I agree, Gary there are so many out there and a lot you join and they disappear
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Hello Hector,

I just wanted to comment on your question to say for me the challenge I am facing right now is having people who are actively looking for a real Business they own and are willing to work the program (I understand a lot of people these days are skeptical of MLM's and are afraid of getting scammed and run through the ringer, BUT My Team and I are not like that. I have been making Commissions every month since I joined 4 Years ago,and others have too, for almost 19 Years! But for me financially speaking, I am just not where I want to be with my Business right now (it's growing though).

I have been advertising at many of the best sites and are getting lots of visitors they get to the different pages of our Affiliate website or even my personal one, but not too many sign up. I have tried all different ads and Banners and within the last 2 months or so I would say my conversions have picked up a bit more than the year before so the ball is rolling it is just going slow but I am confident that I will bring in even more Active sign ups in the following 6 months than the last year, it will just take time.

Have a Successful Week!


answered Oct 25, 2016 by rjpjrblue IBO Guru (1,660 points)
There is no such thing as targeted leads, etc, etc.
PTC or TEs in general are a waste of time. Nobody takes any notice of what you offer. They view your ad to get points to publish their own.
As an exception I work a TE that has a way to incentivate signing-ins into your business, and what is best, you can earn points and tokens for free if you want it cheap.
Hello Alecrin,

I agree that Targeted leads (paid for members), and most PTC's are a waste of time. But as an example in addition to your TE one of my ads in a TE I belong to are seeing good results! One of my most Active Affiliates came from this same TE!

There are a few people that are actually reading my ads and are serious about starting a Business But for a lot of other TE's I belong to, they just click the next ad

since you have no links in your Profile can you please share what TE you are with that is getting you good results

Thank you!


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Follow One Course Until Successful!!

For ME it's the MAIN problem.


answered Apr 17, 2017 by EricGuvNC3 IBO Guru (2,140 points)
Yes!! This is exactly what I was going to say FOCUS!

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