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What is the latest method to GET FREE Traffic to build your List?

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asked Oct 17, 2016 in Marketing Lists by jcasia IBO Specialist (22,010 points)
Hey i red a article one day , with the question asked why are they people that can afford traveling and still make a residual income wile on vacation .The internet makes business transportable. We can trade goods and services everywhere we go, and make money while we do. What a wonderful improvement from catching the bus to work and making a profit for the owner. Financial freedom is three things rolled into one.

So It is doing what we want to, and when we feel like doing it.
It is receiving every penny for our efforts, not supporting the manager
It is having money to do the things we want, and travel.
My point is blogging is the best way to get free traffic to build a list .
want to learn more about blogging get connected with a good blogging platform .

9 Answers

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I don't know about latest methods but you can get traffic by blogging, using social networks, using article directories, participating in forums and using various free advertising programs such as traffic exchanges, safelist mailers, PTC's etc. These are not new methods but they work.

answered Oct 17, 2016 by jasond188 IBO Master (7,510 points)
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The methods I use to build my list which is rarely being used, is to simply target members of forums and new and old social media website with free helpful tutorial offers for popular programmes that user are a member of. Most tend to join as they me need any assistance they can get especially being that it is free and they also see the value in what I am offer them and they eventually end up joining my list to get it.
answered Oct 17, 2016 by garywelsh IBO Specialist (72,640 points)
edited Oct 25, 2016 by garywelsh
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To be honest I DO NOT recommend the old method to get traffic like writing articles, blogs, etc. if you go this way you will need to spend hours and hours, days and day to write original content and then beg to google, yahoo or big for they to index your hard work, but the decision is up to you.

To build a list with free methods I do recommend these two platforms: IBOToolbox and Leadsleap and as soon as you be able move forward to paid traffic on these two.

Once you have more funds use solo ads to continue building your list.

As soon as you start getting subscribers put your autoresponder in action to monetize with affiliate marketing poducts.

Normally, people who join a list, for instance a Make money online list, is because they want a prompt solution to make money online.  Promote money making system that really works to your susbcribers, offer them mentorship or coaching for free to deploy those programs to become an authority.

I think that as a marketers we struggling a lot with traffic, lead generation, etc. because we work alone on our own, trying to reinvent the wheel again, but imagine this: 10 marketers joins as a team then everyone of then promote a system to every member so every member now have 10 referrals things would works much better. In most of the systems I know so far, you don't have to sell nothing but to get referrals to make money

Well, I hope it helps.

answered Oct 22, 2016 by espeas2001 IBO Specialist (15,380 points)
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There is a company that collect leads from all over the world and actually translates the language if need be,

I don't know if I can answer like this but I'm going to try,  hoping not to break any rules.  you guys can tell me if I'm wrong. Go to and pick system 2.
answered Oct 25, 2016 by RudolphAW IBO Guru (1,170 points)
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Very GOOD Question!!!

You’ve definitely seen the big splash model, it’s usually attached to a product launch and it seems to take over a corner of the internet for awhile. You know someone is doing a launch when suddenly you see their name everywhere at once, they’re being interviewed, guest posting, showing up left and right on social media.

The big splash works wonders because you capture the attention of the market. It’s the be everywhere at once advantage. But to understand how to pull off a launch, you need to know exactly how much time goes into it. The reason a big splash is different from a short burst is because there are usually months of time dedicated to the launch leading up to it. And by months, I mean upwards of 4 months for really big launches.

Securing all the guest spots, interviews, affiliates, and making sure all the buzz goes live at the same time is no easy feat. But when a launch comes together, it really has the potential to drive so much traffic and grow your list like nothing else.

answered Nov 10, 2016 by ebest IBO Specialist (83,860 points)
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There are so many ways to get traffic to build your list. But you want to build a responsive list of buyers.

Many people have large lists but most of them have been aquired by giving something away, which is a good way to build your list.

However, you don't want your list to be a bunch of freebie seekers because they are never going to buy from you.

You must target your ads to people who are genuinely looking for what you have to offer. Why not join us for this free webinar, which explains the right way to go.

Register here.

Best wishes.

answered Apr 23, 2017 by bobbo IBO Guru (2,760 points)
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I'm always looking for a good free traffic source that is not full of bs if you know what I mean. Many of us today; with the fast pace world we live in want everything overnight or right now but good free traffic sometimes takes a little time.

So free advertising programs such as safelist, traffic exchanges, and email blasters, etc. can come with some success over time. Writing articles, blogging and using social media is another method that will take a little time but prove to be very profitable over time.

I also look for good free deals such as if I join this or that program they promise loads of traffic. I love those type of deals to boost traffic to my site.

Here are a few I'm using right now.

answered May 2, 2017 by ezprofitsguy (690 points)
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My recommendation is to use the methods that other home business people are overlooking. Everyone runs to the latest advertising latest site to get traffic in the home business niche (e.g. new safelist or traffic exchange). 

But they usually ignore what people are doing outside of these communities to make money online. Yes, there are tons of people that are interested in making money online that aren't already on these popular advertising sites. 

If you want free traffic tips, check out my link below for 15+ ideas:

answered Jun 5, 2017 by shane_harrison IBO Guru (1,670 points)
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I do Recommend you to download my free ebook Fast Traffic Ninja from my Website click HERE


Hector Jayat

answered Jun 12, 2017 by espeas2001 IBO Specialist (15,380 points)

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